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  1. Distribution of cancer awareness according to type, age and gender affected and location in Nigeria
  2. Fertility profile of petrochemical workers in Nigeria
  3. Study of Dysmenorrhea among Secondary School Girls in Nigeria

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Dr. Bamgboye M. Afolabi
Medical Director/Chief Executive Officer
Health, Environment and Development Foundation

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Historical development

Health, Environment and Development Foundation was registered on 7th March 2005 with Registration Number: CAC/IT/NO 18195

The Vision of the Foundation is “A non-governmental organization with effective presence in rural and urban Nigeria and Africa.”

The Mission of the Foundation is “To create a unique health-related organization focused on providing total quality health care with an absolute focus on excellence.”

Since its inception, Health, Environment and Development Foundation has engaged in various activities such as:

  1. distribution of Long-Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs) in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State,

2. Deworming of primary school children in Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State

3. Monitoring of Indoor Residual Spraying

4. Health information dissemination information on Lassa Fever and Corona virus in Ondo and Osun States

5. Conducting World Bank assisted researches on Infectious Diseases and Women’s Health in Lagos

6. Conducting surveys and Annual Operational Plans for various states in Nigeria

7. Conducting researches on malaria in children and in pregnant women in Nigeria

We Engage in Medical Research

Looking into the Future of African Children

The value, importance and oversight of health research

Research in Health is of high value to society in that it gives vital information about many issues concerning a disease such as its risk factors, trends, treatment outcomes, prognosis, public health interventions, functional abilities and/or quality of care, patterns of care, and health financing on private and public levels and use of health care.

Research in Health also incorporates, toxicity studies, traditional medicinal herbs and their efficacy as well as adverse drug reactions to medications and to vaccines. Research in Health has an immense effect on the health and longevity of humans and animals for increase productivity.

Where there is little interest in Health Research, essential public benefits may gradually become distressed.